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Do I Have To Wear Yoga Pants

shutterstock_219192865Choosing the right outfit plays a big role in practicing yoga. You wouldn’t want to wear something that you will constantly tug or one that will limit your movements. When doing yoga, your focus should be on your movements and breathing and not on the clothes that you are wearing. It’s one thing to feel comfortable while doing yoga poses, it’s another if you have been unintentionally flashing your body parts to the person next to you.

Yoga pants are a favorite among yoga practitioners. For one, it is very comfortable to wear. Secondly, it can be flattering to almost all types of body. Yoga pants that have elastic waists are great since they conform to the shape of your body. Pants with waists that can be folded are also very comfortable and they provide that much needed warmth especially during early morning yoga sessions. According to digital product catalog Indix, more than 2500 varieties of yoga pants are now available in the market. The more traditional ones are those in boot-cut and flared bottoms. Aside from these, there are also the cropped types or known as capri-type yoga pants, which end above the ankle.

Apart from wearing yoga pants during the actual yoga practice, more and more women are also turning to these pants as part of their office, lounge, casual and even club wear. Because of their comfortable and flattering fit, yoga pants can be worn in virtually almost everywhere. Yoga pants composed primarily of spandex are usually those that are used for yoga. Cotton-based yoga pants are usually worn outside of the studio.

However, this does not mean that you are only limited to wearing yoga pants. There are other available options that you can consider. For the top, choose one that is stretchy, soft, comfortable, and fit you well. Avoid wearing tops that are too loose or too baggy. Almost all types of athletic clothing are appropriate for yoga classes. Some yoga-specific stores also sell clothing from biodegradable fiber, which is good for your skin, especially if you sweat a lot. For women, a bra integrated into the yoga top is great for support.

A lot of yoga practitioners also highly recommend the concept of layering during classes. Yoga apparel companies normally have pieces like lightweight zip-up jackets and thermal hoodies that you can wear while going to yoga class or even during early morning yoga, when the temperature is quite chilly. Aside from keeping you warm, adding layers of clothes also help during warm-up. It increases the temperature of your body and loosens your muscles. During relaxation, wearing layers of clothes can also protect you from getting chills particularly when your body is not producing the preferred quality of body heat.

For men, the most appropriate top would be those that would fit their body and are not too loose. Cotton shirts that wick sweat are great. Some prefer sleeveless tops so as not to be distracted by their sleeves during practice. Wearing muscle tees is another good option. With its snug fit, one can properly monitor the proper alignment of their body, particularly for those who want to focus on upper body poses. Bottom wear for men include long or cropped stretchable pants. Shorts are fine as long as they are worn with cycling or gym shorts underneath to avoid exposure. Today, yoga retailers are also increasing their offerings for men, as more and more males have discovered the benefits of yoga. As for the material, choose yoga clothes that are stretchable, durable and lightweight.

When it comes to yoga, as long as you are wearing comfortable exercise clothes which fit your body, then you are good to go. However, since you will be performing different poses and inversions, it is also critical that you are not revealing too much skin for your classmates to see. For tops, t-shirts, loose shirts and cropped, loose tops are the ones that you would want to avoid. These can be very distracting since the material and the design will make the top fall over your head during inversions. Long fitted tanks are more preferred since they stay in place and cover your body properly.

For some women who want to wear low-cut tops, this is fine and it is already becoming a trend among practitioners. However, you have to make sure that your top is well-supported. There are tops that seem to fit properly when you are just doing normal stuff. However, once you perform yoga poses, the support might not be enough and you might already be flashing your privates to your classmates. You can avoid slips by choosing tops that are appropriate for your body type. Aside from the built-in bra in your yoga top, you can also wear a sports bra underneath for additional support.

Loose shorts and super short spandex shorts are highly frowned upon during yoga classes. Yes, they may be perfect for running, but these types of bottoms should be avoided in yoga. For one, shorts can be very distracting to wear, as they tend to bunch up every time you move. Yoga requires your concentration towards your poses and your breathing techniques, not on having to pull down your shorts after a couple of minutes. In yoga, you will be doing a lot of bends or moving your legs up in the air. Of course, you wouldn’t want the other students to see your privates, nor do you want to be constantly bothered by the thought of it.

Aside from yoga pants, you can choose to wear other longer bottoms, provided that they are of the correct length and are not too loose. Dark leggings are great for yoga as long as they are thick enough. Avoid wearing those worn-out leggings which might already have holes in the crotch. Even the lighter colored leggings are something that you should watch out for. No matter how thick the material is, light colored bottoms have the tendency to be translucent. Your best bet is to go for dark-colored bottoms in black, dark gray, dark brown or navy blue.

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