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Can one get hurt in Yoga?

shutterstock_383176324What is Yoga, It is a process which is believed to be reversing ordinary flow of energy and consciousness so that your mind becomes the dynamic center of direct perception which believed to be created by Indian sages 2,000 years ago. It consist different breathing techniques a long with different variety of stretches and postures to help center one self.  Today we will look into seeing if one can get hurt doing Yoga especially group in the range of women with the age group of 35 plus.

As I did some research normally groups between 20-30 years of age practice Yoga.  If over the age need to be cautious and do it right.  In reality no matter how experienced or in experienced one can if not being careful can get hurt.  “A very common injury in Yoga as well as most sports are tight hamstrings. Tight hamstrings tend to flatten the lower back which causes the loss of the normal curve of the lumbar spine.” Says Julie Gudmestad, a physical therapist also a lyengar yoga teacher and founder of Gudmestad Yoga.  A big factor to lower back pain and Back injuries.

Besides tight hamstring being overly flexible hamstring can be an issue as well.  This is a problem which more experienced students face. If it is not dealt with in a timely manner it can lead into tearing at the hamstring tendons at the inner knee.
Even for experienced yoga students, the hamstrings often present a challenge, albeit for a very different reason.  These injuries can last a long time if they are not treated properly.

A 2008 study out of Finland found that, among 300 yoga studios regulars surveyed, there were 1.18 injuries for every 1,000 hours of practice. And in a 2012 survey of 2,500 practitioners in Australia, 2.4 percent had a yoga-caused injury over the previous year.   Lots of these injuries are caused due to over working the muscle.   Besides receiving injuries in the hamstring and lower back you can receive knee tears if you are not practicing properly and over pushing yourself.    You can also put strain on your wrist which can cause carpal tunnel.

The most scariest place to get hurt would be in the neck especially taking the time to heal.  Going full wheel and resting on your head is a very dangerous move because much of the body weight is putting pressure on top of the neck. Even though yoga is one of the most safest exercise out there you can still get injured if not careful.   More I looked into finding out about injuries in yoga every part of your body is susceptible for injury.  Any exercise has its risk.  But over all yoga is safer than most and any gender at any age can participate.

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